UNM HEP Personnel / Personal de HEP en UNM

Ivan Olay

Sr Program Manager (Director)

Phone: 505 277-6084
Email: iolay@unm.edu

Ivan Olay was born in Mexico City where both of his parents were born and raised. At the age of seven, his parents and two siblings migrated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in search of a new life. As most immigrants with little resources, they struggled for many years. Although from a low-income background, their lives were rich with struggles and triumphs. His father’s persistence to succeed was imbedded in him even although he realized those lessons later in life. His mother’s unconditional love was unyielding even when he “rebelled”. Ivan attended the University of New Mexico and in the fall of 1994 where he became a Lobo and graduated from the Anderson School of Management in 2002 Currently, he is working to finish his Executive Masters Business Administration with expected graduation in Summer of 2023. In 2003 he was hired by the Educational Opportunity Program under Special Programs now known as the Department of College Enrichment and Outreach Programs. In 2004, he had the honor to begin his work with many wonderful and talented students through the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). He began his work as the Academic Advisor for CAMP and currently serves to lead the program. He recently has had the honor to become part of the High school Equivalency Program (HEP), like CAMP serves the same farm working background but to attain their High school equivalency diploma.

Brenda Ramirez

Student Success Specialist

Phone: 505 277-5020
Email: byr@unm.edu

Brenda Ramirez is the advisor for the High School Equivalency Program at UNM, she was raised in Hatch, New Mexico. She attended UNM in 2012, to continue her education, with the help of the College Assistance Migrant Program. She obtained her Chichana/o Studies and Spanish degrees from UNM in 2016. Brenda worked as a college transition coordinator in South Valley Academy Charter School. Brenda found her passion to serve in the education system as she helped navigate high school students through the college application process. She now continues to serve and advise students that have had educational barriers, and work hard to obtain their high school equivalency diploma through the UNM HEP program. As a seasonal farmworker, she understands the value of her education, and the commitment she has to advocate for farmworking communities.

Samantha "Sammi" Williams

Program Coordinator for CAMP/HEP

Phone: 505 277-0276
Email: skwilliams@unm.edu

Sammi graduated from CNM with an Associates in Liberal arts in 2014. She is new to CAMP and HEP, and the school in general. She is going to UNM for her BBA in Management Information Systems and plan to also receive my MBA from UNM for Marketing, then eventually going to school for the culinary arts. She loves helping people and bringing joy any time she gets the chance, and is excited to get to help CAMP and HEP help students get the education that they need and want!

Yovanna Araujo


Student Success Specialist

Phone: 505 620-7845
Email: yaraujo@unm.edu

Yovanna Araujo was born in Albuquerque, NM then moved to Denver, Colorado where she was raised. Yovanna attended MSU Denver her Freshman and Sophomore year where she was part of the CAMP Cohort in 2016. Shortly after, she moved back to Albuquerque to pursue a career in Finance, after being offered an amazing opportunity. She became a Lobo in Fall 2020 and graduated with her BBA in Finance from Anderson, Fall 2021 all the while working full time. Yovanna is currently taking Continuing Education classes at UNM, with hopes to pursue her Master’s Degree at Anderson. Yovanna enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading, traveling, and working out. Yovanna is passionate about helping and motivating others to achieve their goals in life.

David Perez



Phone: 505 620-7845
Email: dperez10@unm.edu

David is an Albuquerque Native, graduating from the University of New Mexico in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree in University Studies. A few months later David moved to Toluca, Mexico teaching English as a second language, as well as, starting a family. In 2009, he moved back to the Duke City and began teaching GED, HISET, Life Skills, and Job Readiness. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Education from UNM in 2018, and in 2022, returned to his alma mater, UNM, to teach Adult Basic Education.