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UNM HEP Personnel / Personal de HEP en UNM

Ivan Olay

Sr Program Manager (Director)

Phone: 505 277-6084

Ivan Olay was born in Mexico City where both of his parents were born and raised. At the age of seven, his parents and two siblings migrated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in search of a new life. As most immigrants with little resources, they struggled for many years. Although from a low-income background, their lives were rich with struggles and triumphs. His father’s persistence to succeed was imbedded in him even although he realized those lessons later in life. His mother’s unconditional love was unyielding even when he “rebelled”. Ivan attended the University of New Mexico and in the fall of 1994 where he became a Lobo and graduated from the Anderson School of Management in 2002 Currently he is working to finish his graduate degree in Educational Leadership. In 2003 he was hired by the Educational Opportunity Program under Special Programs now known as the Department of College Enrichment and Outreach Programs. In 2004, he had the honor to begin his work with many wonderful and talented students through the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). He began his work as the Academic Advisor for CAMP and currently serves to lead the program. He recently has had the honor to become part of the High school Equivalency Program (HEP), like CAMP serves the same farm working background but to attain their High school equivalency diploma. He currently serves as the National HEP/CAMP Association Treasurer.

Raul Aragon

Instructor (Spanish HSE)

Phone: 505 277-0276

Raul grew up in Los Lunas New Mexico. He graduated from Los Lunas High School and is a first-generation University of New Mexico Alumni. In 2001, he started tutoring at the UNM Valencia campus in their Adult Basic Education program. Later, Raul began instructing classes in English as a Second Language and GED classes in Spanish. At UNM Valencia, He created and piloted a successful ESL transitional class designed to prepare students to have the reading and writing skills required to succeed in university classes. Raul has since served his community by teaching for UNM, CNM, Catholic Charities, and Pueblos. He continues his passion to serve individuals and guides them on a path towards higher education at UNM High School Equivalency Program.  

Pablo Cabrera

Student Recruitment Specialist

Phone: 505 277-3020

Pablo Cabrera currently serves as a Student Recruitment Specialist for the High School Equivalency Program (HEP) under El Centro de la Raza at the University of New Mexico (UNM). In this role, he has gained experience in employee supervision, project planning, budgeting, task management and completing projects in a timely and qualitative manner. He also serves as the main liaison between the HEP staff and partnerships with other UNM programs and the outside community. He is passionate about working with young adult students, and this passion has been one of his main motivations to continue his education and choosing the EMBA program. Working with non-traditional students has allowed him to explore a wide variety of other topics and he has consistently found himself working both within the spheres of academic recruitment and business to better serve students and his program. It is with this inspiration and drive that Pablo continues being part of the HEP program working with different partners to better serve students. 

Brenda Ramirez

Student Success Specialist

Phone: 505 277-5020

Brenda Ramirez is the advisor for the High School Equivalency Program at UNM, she was raised in Hatch, New Mexico. She attended UNM in 2012, to continue her education, with the help of the College Assistance Migrant Program. She obtained her Chichana/o Studies and Spanish degrees from UNM in 2016. Brenda worked as a college transition coordinator in South Valley Academy Charter School. Brenda found her passion to serve in the education system as she helped navigate high school students through the college application process. She now continues to serve and advise students that have had educational barriers, and work hard to obtain their high school equivalency diploma through the UNM HEP program. As a seasonal farmworker, she understands the value of her education, and the commitment she has to advocate for farmworking communities.

Florencia Asbury

Program Coordinator

Phone: 505 277-0276

Florencia is the Program Coordinator for HEP and CAMP. She has been involved with a couple of committees and participates in a couple of community service events, which strengthens her communication skills and confidence level. Florencia lived in Hobbs, NM, until about age nine and spent the rest of her elementary and middle school years in the North Valley and later moved to the SE Heights of Albuquerque. She graduated from Highland High School. Florencia married and has six daughters, one of who attends UNM. While she has been on the journey of life, she has managed to acquire an Associate's degree in Integrated Studies. Florencia has 19 years of research and administrative experience. During her time in research, she worked on the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine trials, which are now on the market. Florencia has also been a home health caregiver and aspired to be a Nurse, however, home, work, and school proved to be a challenge.