US Department Office of Migrant Education (OME)

HEP is administered by the Office of Migrant Education (OME) through the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education of the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE).  This program is authorized under Title IV, Section 418A of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended by section 408 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act P.L. 110-315 (H.R. 4137).  The purpose of HEP is to help migrant and seasonal farm workers and members of their immediate family obtain a general education development HSE diploma that meets the guidelines for high school equivalency established in the State in which the HEP project is conducted and:

  • gain employment/upgraded employment or
  • be placed in an institution of higher education (IHE) or
  • be placed in other postsecondary education/training or
  • be placed in the military.

OME provides non-profit organizations or IHE’s to host HEP projects with discretionary funds for five year grant cycles.  OME’s Program Officers provide guidance to HEP Project Directors to ensure programs are in compliance in meeting program objectives and national target measures.  HEP was established in 1972 with now currently serving 45 HEP projects nationwide.

UNM HEP is a 100% federally funded five-year discretionary grant under the USDOE, OME through the years 2022-2027 for a total award amount of $2,375,000.