Mission & Vision


To educate, serve and value the Migrant Seasonal Farm working Community within New Mexico through forming community partnerships and providing meaningful assistance for improving their educational possibilities, economic opportunities, and cultural experience.


Changing Lives Through Education


Values : “HEP CARES”

Honesty – Being trustworthy and transparent in order to increase Integrity.
   Excellence – The result of the intentional and relentless pursuit of perfection.
  Proactive – To take ownership for our role in helping HEP students succeed.
            Caring – Demonstrating the ability to concern one’s self with another’s well-being.
                Achievement – Acting in such a way as to improve follow-through on HEP initiatives.
                                  Response-ability – To model behavior that is a product of conscious decisions based on Values.
Empathy – Focus on understanding the deep communication of others.     
             Service – Undertaking action for the benefit of and magnifying the good of others.